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An electric space heater on a wood floor.

Frequently Asked Questions About Space Heaters

A space heater is a small, portable device capable of providing heat to a close area. You may break one out if you tend to run cold or are facing frigid weather. Here are common questions people have about space heaters.

Why Use a Space Heater?

A space heater can be a great supplement to your home’s furnace. It can help bring heat to an area not reachable by your vents or used by someone who is always cold. You can use it to heat areas of your home that are rarely used and don’t have access to ductwork.

These heaters are great for sticking under your desk, near a recliner, or while you’re working in a cold part of your home.

Can a space heater heat my whole house?

You should never use a space heater as the primary heating system in your home. This is a job only a furnace or boiler can do. Space heaters are not as efficient when using for long periods of time and cannot distribute heat to large spaces.

Are space heaters energy-efficient?

Not all space heaters are created equally, so different models will perform differently. But generally speaking, space heaters are not as efficient as whole-home HVAC systems. Even if you only need heat for a short period of time or in just a couple of rooms, you may be better off with a geothermal HVAC system or ductless mini-split system.

Make sure to pick the right size heater for the space in which you use it.

Are space heaters safe to use?

Space heaters are safe when used, along with standard safety precautions. Never leave a space heater unattended or around pets and children. Always use the right fuel with the space heater you have. Remove any flammable items from the immediate area around the heater. If you have a heater that burns fuel, make sure it vents to the outdoors.

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